Monday, July 24, 2006

new shoes!


I haven't felt much life writing this for a week or so really. Its been a funny old week what with one thing and another. The hot weather is great, but my libido has taken off like a rocket and I am struggling to keep it under control.

First off, I managed to get myself in a right lather about the tall handsome one. I went to see him a few weeks ago and cooked, dressed up in some lovely latex for him and well, you can guess the rest. So we had dinner, some nice sex, and a pleasant and enjoyable evening I thought. I must admit I wasn't really on top form that night but enjoyable nonetheless.

Well. That was more than two weeks ago, and despite a leaving a couple of messages and texts I had heard nothing. There is nothing in this world guaranteed to piss me off more and so I wrote to him. No sooner had I posted the bloody letter, then guess who calls me. I had already convinced myself that I had been dumped or worse that he was dead in a ditch somewhere!

Clearly he's not dead in a ditch. But alive and well. Which is good. However, I may still be dumped, I am not entirely certain!

Well, it will do me good to have the summer off. I can concentrate on the children instead of myself for a change. No doubt I have confirmed his worst suspicions about me. I grant you, I did overeact , but with justifiable cause. Its just so unnecessary to be so rude.

Shame, I haven't been able to wear my killer heels yet, bought them to go with the latex dress..... Can't exactly wear them on the school run can I!

Talking of which. Only two more days to go.

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