Friday, July 28, 2006


Houdini, that was our hamster. Notice I use the past tense here.... The little rodent has gnawed a great big hole through the red plastic side of her cage and escaped.

The children's are desolate.

Although their upset is bound to be short lived. A good start to the school holidays!

I don't hold up much hope of finding it either; it seems to have navigated its way from the top of the chest of drawers and out of the children's bedroom, down the stairs and vanished. Its been three days now. Long gone I think and no sign. The omens are not good are they?

Cant say I blame it really either, the poor thing, it didn't much like being jammed head first into the pink barbie convertible car just a few weeks ago and has the last laugh!

Bloody well wish I could do the same.

Have the last laugh and escape that is.

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