Monday, July 17, 2006


Just a short post today. Its too hot and I can't concentrate!

I had my last session with my physco-therapist today. Apparently I am much more congruent!
I wasn't sure what that was at first, it sounded like some sort of mathematical puzzle to me. But it means fitting together and suitable according to the dictionary. Congruent... Its a good word isn't it?

It will be a blessed relief not to have to go to that appointment every Monday that's for sure. I just hope I can keep on an even keel whilst all this is going on.

I need to stop thinking about him so much though. Its not good and makes me sad. I miss him, but clearly he isn't thinking about me. Why do women fall for men who are emotionally distant? Wish I knew.

The weekend panned out better than expected which was good. I spent Saturday in the garden, pottering and doing not very much and went to the school summer ball on Saturday night and danced away my troubles! ~Sunday was spent recovering from a hangover on the beach at Bournemouth with my darling daughters and my brother and his family. Tiring but good all in all.

Think I shall have to re-classify this blog. I cant talk about sex cos I am not getting any!

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