Thursday, October 26, 2006

single train of thought...

I think I must have. A one track mind that is.

I've tried, honestly I have! Tried not to think about sex every day, tried not to think about him too often and tried very hard not to have to frig myself into oblivion every night to get to sleep. Trouble is it doesn't work very well. Couple that with some extra time on my hands and broadband connection and well...the fast downloading of erotica is just asking for trouble!

Its also been at least three weeks since my last sexual outing, which is just about the limit of my endurance, hence my preoccupation.

Its good sometimes to write some of this down, as I am sure most of my friends would not understand the way that it dominates my waking hours. Sure, I can talk about the gym , the current book in the book club, the latest gossip or diets and all that other trash that women like to talk about. But I am sure they would be shocked if they knew that actually i would like to know what its like to sleep with another women, to experience group sex, to sexually dominate a man for a change and that's just for starters. Have any of them done those things and if so, what was it like? somehow, I think not. They are all too nice! Well I am nice too. Most of the time!

The thing is I look at sexually attractive women that same way I think an average bloke does. Nice figure, long legs, shapely arse etc. I'd like to experience to touch of another women, the feel of another breast on mine, the wetness between her legs but on the other hand, fingers are no substitute for a hard cock are they? And I am sure that I would still need a good pummelling even after the most talented of fingers had done their best. I think it must be rather cool to be a man, and to be able to able to be so versatile!