Sunday, June 11, 2006

whats a ball buster?

My god, the busiest of busy weekends is nearly over. Thank the Lord.
Birthdays, barbecues and football, not to mention work as well has just about left me almost comatose with tiredness.

Had a blue kinda evening last night and was feeling low, I don't even know why and weepy for no apparent reason. Probably pmt or something I suppose! It might explain some way towards why I so stuidly sent a text to the man. I don't know why I do it really. His uncanny knack with words have a tendency to cut right to the bone and instead of cheering me up made me feel a hundred times worse. I got called a ball buster! Wasn't even sure what it meant, but it didn't sound very nice.

Its not nice either. I looked it up! A sexually demanding women who undermines ones authority (apparently).

Well I admit the sexually demanding bit, that's very true!

But not in a nasty way.

Wish he understood me a little better and wish his power to hurt me wasn't so great.

Well, that's all for today. Completely knackered and pissed off so going to bed.

Nite nite

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