Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just musing...

Why is that that someone half your size and with twice your determination can press your short fuse button like no other? I've been in mummy mode this week ; sports day, sick children and 5th birthday parties, which basically means that most days this week have included over-wrought small children winging about their loss in life.

Take it from me kid.... You ain seen nothing yet!

Anyway she will look back at today and realise that she had a great time!

Children aside. Not much happening this week . Staying in and being good.

Whilst Iwas doing some chores earlier, there was an article on the radio by Chris Evans on Radio 2. about bloggers! Apparently its a mammoth world wide phenomenon! Cant see why; people have been writing diaries for centuries. Ths is just another format. And easier too. No spelling errors! Grammatical ones, yes I grant you!

What I like about it, is that no bugger bothers to read or comment about it! Its kind of reassuring to know that your thoughts however mundane and dull, stay that way. The other benefit is that it clears you mind in the evening and almmost guarantees a night of un-interuppted sleep....zzzzzzzzz



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