Thursday, June 01, 2006

As it says!

Ever had one of those nights that turns out to be completely unexpected?

Well, last Saturday was just one of those nights. The kids were away for the weekend, so I texted the sex god, to my surprise he answered. Most unusual for starters. I received my instructions, a short slutty dress, high heels, red lipstick. Oh yes and bring some dinner! A cock and cook night so it seems

God the things I do for some decent sex! Arrived decadently dressed and was suitably rewarded with copious quantities of hard cock for me to suck. Of course I am an expertly talented throatress and he was pleased with my efforts. Bending over, I offered him a nicely shaved pussy, dripping wet and eager to receive my reward for being a good cocksucking whore.

Two women trapped in one body. Housewife and slut. One craving the routine of domesticity and the other wanting and needing lust, passion and desire on a constant basis. How does that work then? Well in reality, not always very well!

I suppose it is better to risk being hurt and to experience, love desire, kinks and that all consuming need to be with the one who makes you feel so utterly fantastic.

What do you think?

Sorry haven't mentioned the PVC catsuit yet have I? Never mind I shall.

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