Wednesday, November 08, 2006

inner goddess

Just thought I would take a few minutes to record the comings and goings this past week. I've taken to waking up at 3am again which is not a good sign and a sure indication that there is just too much junk whizzing aimlessly around my brain waiting for release.

Its much better to unburden it here. Well better for me anyway. It may not for the few poor souls that happen to fall upon this blog unintentionally.

Well after my last musing about unabated horniness, the highlight of the week was surely Saturday night! It's funny how things turn out, isn't it? I was unsure whether to contact the Man or not, fearing rejection of just plain ambivalence, but as it turned out he was around and on good form. My lovely latex had an airing after nearly 5 months unworn and it was great to put it on again.

I cant really explain my fascination with it either. It is THE most unprepossessing material when you first see it. No more erotic than a marigold washing up glove. But by the time it is cleaned and polished it becomes a different fabric. It makes me feel truly amazing, like the most erotic and sexy person in the whole universe. which of course I am not. But you get the idea....

And well, the man. Ho hum. He is so completely fanciable and I wish he wasn't. He kind of combines completely opposite traits almost simultaneously, I'm not even sure how he does it, just that he does.

He manages to be trustworthy, straight, but not straight forward, dependable but unreliable, loyal but unfaithful, predictable but impetuous, loving but flippant. He makes me feel like the most special girl in the world but then doesn't phone for ages, the sort of man who wants unswerving devotion but would try and get off with your friends! I am totally captivated by him, but trying to keep some distance as I know that's what he wants from me. Its silly, i'm crazy about him and he thinks the world of me so why do we do it?

The only other new and exciting thing this week is that I've also just started a belly dancing course. Which is amusing to say the least and very tricky! Apparently the instructor is hoping to release the inner goddess in all of us. Ha, she's got a job on her hands; thats 30 giggling women of assorted shapes, ages and sizes.

Watch this space!

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